Top 5 Star Hotels In Cascais

Top 5 Star Hotels In Cascais

The good thing about Portugal is that you can have luxury experiences without having to pay extortionate amounts of money for them. If you’re traveling to Lisbon but still enjoy the perks of a beach holiday, perhaps you should consider staying in glamorous Cascais instead. This lovely town is only a 30-minute drive or 50-minute train ride from central Lisbon, and with as little as $80/£64 you could stay at a fabulous 5-star hotel by the beach. Here are my top 5 picks of luxury 5-star hotels in Cascais.

  1. The Albatroz Hotel
Watch the sunset while lounging on the swimming pool deck while sipping a delicious cocktail

As a 5-star hotel, we wouldn’t expect less than an extremely attentive staff, beautiful rooms, comfortable beds and food so delicious you will always want to return for more. But this is not all you get at this hotel. At the Albatroz Hotel, you get to taste the breakfast while enjoying the stupendous panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Each of the 51 rooms has a different decoration. Also, it’s a pet-friendly hotel. And as if it could get any better, this hotel’s location is the best if you don’t want to rely on public transport. Here you’ll be in the center of the town, next to the beach and all the lovely restaurants and bakeries in Cascais. Plus, you’ll be close to Lisbon which means you can have the best of both worlds.

Prices starting at: $167 | £134 per night
Address: Rua Frederico Arouca 100, 2750 353 Cascais, Portugal

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2. Sheraton Cascais Resort

Sheraton Cascais Resort
View of the resort

This is not just a hotel but a resort, well, it says it in the name. The Sheraton Cascais Resort is an award winning luxury 5-star hotel with plenty of amenities for all types of tourists. It’s perfect for families who want to be in a nice location without having to worry about the kids: there’s a kids club (seasonal) and, they can also splash in the swimming pool or run around in the massive garden.

It’s nice for couples who want to be in a tranquil place surrounded by luxurious gardens while lounging on the pool sunbeds. Couples who want to be active and perhaps surf on the beach very close to the hotel or even for those who just want to enjoy the amazing spa while still being able to get to the main city in 10 min. And it’s perfect for business trips, with it’s amazing golf course, you can have a few swings in between meetings. Oh, and did I mention the food?

Prices starting at: $101 | £81 per night

Address: near 505A, R. das Palmeiras 5, 2750 Cascais

I have driven by this hotel many times but I would have never guess what I was going to find inside. Hidden behind a modern exterior, this is one of the most beautiful hotel lobbies I have ever set foot on. Marble was the material of choice when this hotel was designed and it really takes you back in time once you get in.
Inside you can find designer shops, a hairdresser, a gym, a spa, restaurants, including a sushi restaurant.  This hotel, located in Monte Estoril, is only a short walking distance from Cascais and it’s 30 minutes away from the Lisbon airport by car. Enjoy the breakfast in the hotel restaurant or bar while appreciating the breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean, you can see the sea in almost every corner of the hotel and the beach is a small walk away.

Prices starting at: $139 | £110 per night

Address: Av. Marginal 8554, 2754-536 Cascais

Farol Hotel 5 stars in Cascais
The outside of the Farol Hotel
A luxurious retreat in the Portuguese Riviera, with each room decorated by different famous Portuguese designers. Then there are the luscious garden terrace, the amazing cuisine, the wonderful fisherman Cascais village to explore and so much more.
For those who love sushi this also a reason to visit and stay in this hotel. The mouth-watering delicacies and delicious nouvelle cuisine, are mind blowing.  If you’re traveling with a pet, you can bring him, this hotel is pet-friendly.

Prices starting at: $100 | £81 per night

Address: Av. Rei Humberto II de Italia 7, 2750-800 Cascais

The Grande Real Villa Italia in the sunset
The Grande Real Villa Italia in the sunset
The Grande Real Villa Italia hotel was built in the grounds of the residence of Italy’s last king, Kind Umberto II, who lived here while in exile. You can see why royalty would choose this area as their place to stay, the beautiful rugged coast, the views of Sintra and it’s fairy-tale palaces, the beach, the town of Cascais at a short distance.
There are so many reasons why you should visit. This hotel is focused on wellness and health, with special spa programs at the Real Spa Marine. Heated treatment pool, Thalassotherapy, Vichy showers, Chronotherapy and many other body treatments. The restaurants also offer customized and diet and health programs. This is the place to stay if you want to take care of your body and soul.
Prices starting at: $134 | £107
 Address: Rua Frei Nicolau de Oliveira, 100, Cascais 2750-319, Portugal

5 Relaxing Things To Do In Cascais – Off The Beaten Track

5 Relaxing Things To Do In Cascais – Off The Beaten Track
Fishing Village Cascais
Bay view of Cascais

Very close to Lisbon there’s a charming little fishing village with beautiful beaches where time seems to have stood still. If you’re looking for the quintessential Portuguese beach experience, Cascais is the place to go. With its stone cobbled streets, palm trees, and relaxed atmosphere, Cascais is the region’s favorite beach destination. From sitting on the street cafe tables, reading your newspaper and eating pastries, to walking along the beach admiring the peaceful balancing of the fishermen boats docked in the ocean, Cascais will surely be an unforgettable holiday destination.

Here my 5 most relaxing top things to do in Cascais:

Cascais Promenade
Cascais Promenade

1. Have a stroll along the “paredão”, a promenade that stretches along the beach, going from Cascais to São João do Estoril (another small beach town). It’s a 3-kilometer walk but, don’t worry, if you get tired you can stop at one of the many restaurants, cafes and ice cream stalls you’ll find along the way.

Ice Cream Cascais
Try an ice-cream from Santini

2. If you’re looking for a more relaxed activity, try choosing one of the many flavours available at Santini, an ice-cream shop, right in the middle of Cascais. Born by the hands of an Italian immigrant, the original recipe of this divine ice-cream is still a secret and it’s 100% natural, with no additives whatsoever. No wonder this gelato has been making people queue since 1949.

Location: Av. Valbom 28F, 2750-508 Cascais

Paddle Boarding
Paddle boarding in Cascais

3. Burn off all those calories you’ve accumulated so far while enjoying the tasty Portuguese cuisine with a bit of sport. If you’re into watersports, or if you want to try it for the first time and you want to do something a bit more easy and relaxing, try paddle boarding. The good thing about this sport is that, if you’re like me and you tend to feel cold all the time, this is a great way to exercise in the water but without being submerged. You can even try it in the winter, provided you do your best not to fall off the board. And this is just one of the many outdoor sports you can try to do while visiting Cascais: surfing, diving, canoeing, sailing are some of the activities available…

Paddle Classes

Contact: +351 933 258 114


Rent a Scooter
Ride along Cascais and Sintra

4. Put your helmet on and enjoy a scooter ride through the most scenic parts of Cascais and discover the UNESCO World Heritage area. You can either follow a guide or opt for or just follow your own personalized scenic route prepared for you by the Smoother Rent a Scooter team.

Smoother Rent a Scooter


Address: Marina de Cascais, Loja 29 A, Cascais 2750-800, Portugal

Phone Number: +351 21 486 2088
Casino Estoril
Try your hand at James Bond’s birthplace

5.  If you like James Bond and want to know where the inspiration for Casino Royalle came from, then you should definitely visit the Casino Estoril. Although not in Cascais, the Casino Estoril is located a short train, bike or even walk (around 30 minutes walking), away in the charming Estoril town. Try your luck with the many slots at the casino or, if you’re not that much into gambling, you can always watch one of the free shows they have going throughout the week at the casino’s restaurant and bar.

Address: Av. Dr. Stlanley Ho, 2765-190 Estoril

Open from: 3pm to 3am


How To Travel To Portugal – A Guide For Americans

How To Travel To Portugal – A Guide For Americans
View of Rossio In Lisbon
Important questions when visiting Portugal

Friendly people, affordable food, cheap and high-quality wine plus ancient castles, beaches that stretch for miles, spectacular landscapes and so much more. Portugal is one of the most ancient countries in Europe, it was founded in 1139 and, it’s still an unknown and unspoilt holiday destination. With year-round mild climates and low prices, Americans are choosing Portugal as their destination of choice when visiting Europe.

So, if you’re planning to visit Portugal in 2017, here are some of the questions and answers to some of the doubts you might have.

Do Portuguese speak English?

It depends on where you’re going. If you’re travelling to a touristic area or to the capital, you will have no problem making yourself understood. Most people working in restaurants, hotels, and cafes will speak English. In other areas of the country, not as known to tourists, you might have a little trouble but Portuguese people are very friendly and they will make an effort to understand you. If you happen to speak Spanish then you can relax as well, Portuguese is a latin language just like Spanish and, most Portuguese will understand you perfectly.

Will I need a VISA to travel to Portugal?

If you have an American passport you won’t need a visa.Unless you are planning to stay more than 90 days in the country. However, you will need your U.S. passport to be valid for at least 6 months from the date of the planned return.

In what region is Lisbon located?

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and it’s located in the Lisbon Region, part of the seven designated regions of Portugal.

Is it safe to travel to Portugal?

Portugal is a safe country. In terms of violent crime and, comparing to most European countries, Portugal is heaven but pickpocketing in touristic places, bag snatching, and car robbery can happen so pay attention to your bag, wallet, mobile phone and avoid leaving any items exposed inside your car, if you’re planning to leave it unattended.

You can get more information at the US Department of State here. And in the Portuguese Embassy in Washington here.