Weekend Break

My First Glamping Experience

Let me just start by saying that this kind of holiday may not be fit for those who don’t like bees or any other insects and reptiles. I returned safe and sound, despite the quite considerable amount of time running, jumping, relocating and screaming involved, mainly because of bees. Now back to my fabulous glamping weekend. As you know, glamping is an alternative for those who want to have all the freedom of camping minus the back pain and the gymnastics of trying to get dressed in small spaces. And freedom and nature was what I had at my glamorous yurt at the ecological farm Quinta de São José dos Montes.

I left Lisbon on a very hot Friday afternoon and arrived at night time at Olalhas, a small town close to Tomar, where we were going to stay. As I got to the reception I was given a key to my yurt and told how to get there. The yurts were located 5 minutes away (by car) from the main hotel, and to get there we had to go through a bit of a rocky path, into the woods until finding a glade. It was night time, so it was both incredible and scary being in the middle of nowhere and just hearing owls, crickets and dogs barking in the distance (I’ve seen too many horror movies, I know). The area where the camping was set was beautifully decorated, there were wooden pathways, connecting all the yurts together and mushroom shaped lamps, illuminating the space at night. Just gorgeous and magical.

The first thing that struck us when getting into our Mongolian tent, was how spacious and well decorated it was. But the most awe moment was when I looked up and saw the dark sky above us. We could see the sky from our bed. How amazing is that? The bed was really comfortable and all the space absolutely done to perfection, with a couch, a desk and a boiler for those winter days.

Wondering around the camp I found a tent in a shape of a globe which I later found out to be a training centre, used for yoga workshops, spiritual retreats, trance dancing, amongst other things. There was also a cabin with a fully functional kitchen and living room. Now the bathrooms, this was a special challenge of its own. Since this is an ecological camp, the showers are outdoors, the men’s urinals are outdoors and, you guessed it, the ladies toilets are outdoors. And, despite being really clean, there were spiders and friendly bugs walking around. There’s also no flush, so you do your thing into a hole (there’s a toilet bowl yet no flush) and then you throw a mix of wood bark chipping inside with the help of a small shovel. It was a challenge but it was really fun at the same time. When it comes to the shower, if you want a hot one you’ll need to make a small fire. It’s all good and all explained to you when you get there. We ended up always showering with cold water or in the bathroom by the swimming pool, which is a normal bathroom.

View from the swimming pool

Breakfast and the swimming pool are all in the main house area so it meant we ended up staying a lot of time here, my partner reading and me running from bees mostly and also enjoying the pool. The view to the countryside, the horses in the fields next to us, it was all so relaxing and peaceful. There was also a table and a barbeque for those who want to cook outside. I mean, the owners of this place thought of everything, it was amazing. Surprisingly enough, despite how cool this place was, there were no other guests in the yurts, this space was just ours, even the swimming pool at the farm.

Insider tips:

  • If you’re not taking a car or even if you are I would suggest you take food and drinks with you, the location of this Farm is remote so it’s not like you can just walk to a cafe and ask for food.
  • I don’t know if it was the lovely ceiling opening but there were a lot of mosquitos in the tent, they didn’t bother me that much but my partner seemed to have been a feast for those hungry creatures. Take mosquito repellent or if you prefer a more natural solution like eucalyptus leaves which you can find in the woods around the yurts.
  • If you don’t want to have the full ecological experience you can always shower in the bathroom, next to the swimming pool in the main building.
  • If you’re staying in a tipi or a yurt, take a lantern, at night you might want to go to the bathroom and it’s easier if you have one.
  • At this farm, you can also stay at a tipi, a cone-shaped tent used by indigenous people in America and also Europe and Asi. If you’d like a more conventional holiday we can also stay at an apartment or even rent a bed in a dorm.

In terms of activities, there are lots things going on at the Farm. From star gazing with experts to renting paddling boards, to horse riding classes, hands-on biological agriculture, equestrian therapy, visiting the pedagogical farm. Once you book the trip the hotel will contact you giving you all the options.

Curious about the farm? I found a video.

Distance from Lisbon:


Activities on the farm:

Horse riding

Paddle Boarding Rental

Star observation (advisable for bigger groups). Book it here www.+ciencia.pt

Courses, retreats, workshops and more here (pt version only).

To book the same adventure I had click here.


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