5 Essential Outdoor Sports Gear Items For A Portuguese Adventure

Essencial sports items you should buy for an action packed holiday in Portugal.

If you like sports and adventure then Portugal is the right destination for you. Make your trip to Portugal even more fun with some of these items which you can get on

1. Inflatable Kayak – Wherever you go in Portugal, you will for sure be very close to either a river, a lagoon, a beach or a swimming pool. And this is why you should definitely bring one of the coolest items on Amazon at the moment. An inflatable kayak complete with paddles! On sale for £90.26 and it's from Intex.

2. Hiking GPS – If hiking and trekking are your thing, the Garmin eTrex 20x Outdoor Handheld GPS will be your best companion on these adventures. Its bright colour display is easy to read under any lighting conditions, it's waterproof and has a long battery life. It costs £157.13.

3. Action Camera Ultra HD Camcorder – If you're into action sports and like to keep track of your progress and study your techniques, nothing better than packing your own 4K Sport Action Camera Ultra HD Camcorder. The resolution is 4 times better than HD, it's got a wireless wrist remote control, a long battery life, built-in wifi & HDMI and it's waterproof. Perfect for capturing your surfing or swimming moves. At the moment on Amazon, it costs £59.99.

4. Gold Travel Bag – Some of the best golf courses in the world can be found in Portugal. So, if you're visiting us and travelling with your clubs by plane, don't worry about the handling of your precious gear by the baggage handlers. With the Macgregor Men's VIP Deluxe Wheeled Travel cover your clubs will be safe. The wheels make it easy to carry and the extra padding around the top will protect your clubs. It's going for £39.95.


5. Snorkel Face Mark – This snorkel mask has an 180 ° view, perfect for adults or children who want to snorkel without having to worry about having salty water on their faces while trying to breathe through the mouth. The Vapercombo has anti-fog and anti-leak technology and it comes with a waterproof bag for your phone so you can take pictures in the water. It costs £32.80 on Amazon.


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