Looking to Adopt a Pet in Portugal?

Adopt a dog or any other pet in one of the many portuguese kennels.

Every year, more than 10 000 animals are abandoned in Portugal and most of them are dogs. The kennels and animal shelters are completely overwhelmed in part due to the lack of funding. It’s a sad reality which you can help improve either through donations or by adopting a pet instead of buying one. Here are some websites where you can try and find your new best friend.

Dogs of Portugal

A site with the goal of rehoming Portuguese dogs. On their website, you will find a description with pictures and even videos of some of the dogs up for adoption. There’s also their Facebook page where you can look for your new dog or even read about some of the pet’s happy endings.


Unfortunately, this website is only in Portuguese but it’s easy to navigate and you can use google translator. You can choose by region.


A page dedicated to finding your lost pet or trying to find the rightful owner. This website has a big list of adoption associations distributed around the country.

O Cantinho da Milu

They also have a Facebook page, updated almost daily with new dogs.


Open adoptions every Saturday from 12pm to 17pm. All the animals are fully vaccinated, dewormed, chipped and the adults are sterilized. They’re located in Sesimbra.

Their Facebook is constantly updated with dogs and cats up for adoption.

Facebook Groups

Caes para adoptar

Pure Bread Dogs

Cães de raça para adoptar por donos de raça

You can also look for animal shelters by region on Yelp.

Take a look at this checklist from Petfinder where you can find all the questions you should ask yourself before moving forward and adopting a pet. Make sure you make a conscious decision on what’s better for you, your family and your pet.


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