Things To Do In Lisbon This Weekend: 11 to 12 November

Find out some tips on what to do in Lisbon this weekend, 11 and 12 of November 2017.

Saturday 11th November

Dinosaurs Alive: Dinosaurs are taking over Lisbon. Take your kids on a fascinating trip to the world of living dinosaurs. The exhibition which spreads over 2500 m2, will get you up and close to different species of dinosaurs, many of which are animated and integrated into realistic environments such as forests, woods and deserts. Start planning your fantastic multisensory experience. Visit the website here. As for prices, children up to 3 go free. Adults pay €11. There are special family tickets. Go here and click Bilhetes on the menu to find more about the prices.

TRY A FREE CROSS FIT LESSON: Training cross fit means breaking barriers, breaking taboos and surprising yourself while feeling really happy and making new friends. Book a free class at Cross Fit Black Label gym in Alcabideche and start shedding those pounds. Book your free class here.


Party till it’s morning: Dance the night away at the Baile do Engate or in other words the “pick-up dance”. The party starts at 10.30pm and ends at 5.30am. Tickets are selling for €10 and you can buy them here. More info about the location and bands that will be playing here.

A tea and a macaron: The Parisian upscale bakery Ladurée has just opened in Lisbon. Try one or a few of the delicious French macarons they have on display.

Misty Fest: Do you like bagpipes? Check out the Gaiteiros de Lisboa band which will be performing with invited famous Portuguese musicians at the Misty Fest in Teatro Tivoli. Tickets start at €15. Click here for a sample of what you can expect and here to buy your tickets.
Country Dance Class
Country Line Dancing: Learn the steps to this very popular and fun dance at  KLASSIK Escola de Dança. It’s a free class and anyone can join. Address here.
A basic course on Stamping in fabrics and paper: Learn how to make your own T-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts and so on. The course is divided into five modules: basic theories, assembly of the screens, preparation for painting, printing in up to two colours, gradient printing. €25 for 3 hours. Bring a light coloured t-shirt. Info here.
Learn to tango: Discover the most romantic and passionate of dances. The teacher, Adam Vucetic, is a professional dancer and a choreographer. Each lesson is €10. It will take place from 7pm to 8pm. More info here.
Justice league party: The new movie will be out in the cinemas on 16th November, but before that, you can join Batman, Aquaman, Flash, Wonderwoman and Cyborg in their official launch party. Ask to join the mailing list before it’s full.

Sunday 12th November


Brunch: Start the day with a brunch at Palácio do Chiado in DELISBON. Every Saturday and Sunday and between noon and 4 pm you will be served, two wooden boards. One with Portuguese bread loaves and scrambled eggs. The other with a French croissant, different kinds of cheese and meats, fruit, jam, butter and ham. It costs € 18 per person.


Wine tasting lisbon


Wine tasting extravaganza: Fancy trying more than 2500 types of wine? It might be a bit too much but you can still taste as many as you can at the Lisbon Congress Center, where the “Meeting with Wines” “and” Meeting of Flavors ” is taking place this weekend. It started Friday and it goes until this Sunday, November 13. Discover the several national and international producers. All you need to do is walk through the official glass of the event and taste the wine they give you. Tickets start at €10, for €15 you get a glass. More details here

kramer vs kramer

Go to the movies: Watch the late 70s classic Kramer vs. Kramer at Cinepop. An emotional story of a divorce and it’s impact on everyone involved. It won 5 academy awards. Remember, in Portugal movies have subtitles so you can watch them on its original version. Starts at 4pm. Tickets can only be purchased at the cinema.

Have a Bola de Berlim: Even if you’ve already tried this delicious sample of the Portuguese bakery, this is your chance to try different fillings. And where can you try this? At the street food van parked in Parque das Nações. Berlinetta‘s creations include Berlin beets, beets, carob, spinach, fennel, seeds or carrots that can be stuffed with Nutella, caramel cream, berries, strawberry, peach, apple, Kinder Bueno or Oreo.










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