Dote, American ribs in Lisbon

If there is one thing I miss from my times in London was the ability to have almost any kind of cuisine from around the world without having to wonder if it was going to be authentic or not. After moving to Portugal and despite having, in my opinion, the opportunity to experience one of the best cuisines in the world, sometimes it can be frustrating when trying flavours from around the world. That’s why I am always happy when I find some of the flavours I miss in a restaurant near me.

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Ribs with bbq sauce

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Sometimes the interpretation and the ability of the chefs who are trying to recreate said flavours is not always the best and this is why I was pleasantly surprised with the American BBQ Ribs served at Dote in Lisbon.

Although there’s still room for improvement, the flavour was there and I could finally have some barbecue meat, well cooked and with a sauce that reminded me of my favourite American flavours. Unlike the meat though, I was a tad disappointed with the chicken soup which was too salty and made with rice instead of noodles. Apart from I’ve described, there’s much more for you to try, beef tataki, entrecôte, chuletón, Mozambique shrimp, cod and francesinhas.

When it came to the venue, I really liked the space, a lot of tables and a stylish decor. If you visit them on a Friday or Saturday you can have dinner with your friends while a DJ plays the latest tunes. As for prices, I found them very reasonable, the pork ribs with barbecue sauce, chips, coleslaw was a mere €13.50.

Address: Av. da República 51 C 1050-188 Lisbon Portugal | Phone: 21 796 1104

You can book your table here.


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